Apple gaining popularity in Enterprise smartphone biz while Palm maintains steady decline

While the recently announced Palm Treo Pro has yet to prove its worth as a smartphone for the Entreprise, the one-year old Apple iPhone seems to be getting ahead of the game. In a recent survey of almost 2,000 people that are “involved with I.T. spending” in their respective companies, 19% said the iPhone 3G has made their company “More likely” to purchase more Apple products in the future.

Meanwhile, Palm seems to have blown all the chances that they had all this time, carefully maintaining a steady decline in the Enterprise smartphone business. Palm had 22% of survey respondents on their side back in February of 2007, but it all went pretty much downhill from there.

All while this is happening, RIM is still on top of the survey as they have been for the past year or so with their BlackBerry smartphones. Currently, BlackBerries seem to be the de facto smartphone when it comes to business and the Enterprise.

However, RIM experienced a 3% decline in ChangeWave’s survey during the last quarter, although there’s no hard evidence to suggest that this is due to the presence of the iPhone. If all goes well as Apple has planned, though, we might be seeing more of this type of survey in the future.

Via Silicon Alley Insider

Author: David Gonzales

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