M2E Power to release motion-powered mobile chargers next year

Walking is very good exercise for the human body. And soon, it will be for your handy cellphone as well.

M2E power, a Boise, Idaho-based startup that has been dabbling in the cellphone accessories business for quite some time now, has just announced that it plans to bring a new kind of mobile phone charger to market next year. Now a mobile phone charger isn’t usually something to get excited about, but that’s what I thought too, until I heard that M2E’s charger actually takes its power from your movements.

Basically, M2E’s mobile phone charger will be more mobile than you think, since it has the ability to store power thanks to the user’s movement. And it’s said that with six hours of everyday movement, M2E’s mobile phone charger will be able to give your mobile an hour of talk time.

And that’s it. About two days of carrying the device around in your person will give you at least an hour’s worth of talk time on your phone. The only question now is, can we afford it? This is definitely one of those things that has the potential to become a big hit in the future, since it solves a big problem regarding the power in mobile devices these days. But if the price is too prohibitive, not too many people may be able to enjoy it.

Also interesting to note is that the company plans to have the chip behind their chargers integrated into future mobile phones. Now that would be useful. We’re not sure how much bulk this would add to handsets, however, if it will add any at all, but perhaps the benefits will outweigh outward appearances in this situation. Or perhaps not, We’ll probably come to know more about the product as it nears its launch next year.

Via GigaOM

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