Photoshop Mobile coming to a cellphone near you with 5GB free storage, no photo editing options

If you’re gonna call something a gun, you better make sure it can blow the bejezus out of my skull when you point and shoot it at me. Likewise, when a new mobile service’s name sounds a lot like a famous desktop photo editing tool’s, I’d expect it to at least let me get the brightness settings on my photos straight.

But whatever. We’re hearing that Adobe is all set on launching a new mobile service, which they have proudly dubbed Photoshop Mobile, and surprisingly doesn’t feature mobile photo editing as one of its key assets.

Instead of letting you edit the heck out of your photos on a phone as its name suggests, Photoshop Mobile offers 5GB of free online storage to anyone that has a account ID. Photoshop Plus members, meanwhile, get up to 20GB.

Currently, you’ll be able to browse freely on any of the following smartphones: Motorola Q9m/h, Samsung Blackjack I/II, and Palm Treo 750w/700w/wx. Support for more handsets including the iPhone, BlackBerry Pearl, Motorola Razr (how’d that get in there?), and a couple of mid-end Nokia phones will come on September, as well as a freely downloadable client for the service to be installed on the handsets themselves.

As usual you’ll be able to use Shozu for uploading your stuff to Photoshop Mobile, if that’s what you prefer, but other than that and what’s mentioned above, we’re still a little scarce for details about this new mobile service. Guess we’ll all just have to wait until it launches, then.

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Author: David Gonzales

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