Sony CEO considering dumping Ericsson for sucking so much at mobile phone business lately

We first got wind of a possible falling out between Sony and Ericsson (collectively known as Sony Ericsson; who would’ve known?) due to the the inexplicable dwindling of their mobile phone sales a few months back. Now, Sony CEO Howard Stringer is reviving the old rumor once again.

In a recent interview with German newspaper Die Welt, Stringer said, “It’s certainly been a difficult year but buying out a partner is never an easy thing.” Now that’s something you don’t hear from someone involved in a fairly successful and oft-considered industry leading company everyday. Ericsson must be pulling their partner company too low down this time, and it’s getting on the CEO’s nerves. He said buyout!

Stringer also hinted that one great collaboration could help the joint venture get back on top, or at least, survive for another year or so, but sometimes you just have to face the truth. Sometimes you have to know when it’s the end of the line for something, and stop for yours and everybody else’s safety.

Whatever happens, if the two companies do decide to call it quits, well, let’s just hope they still keep churning out great phones even if they have to work on them individually. Now’s not a bad time to release that Sony PSP mobile phone, you know? Listening, Sony?

Via Reuters

Author: David Gonzales

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