7 prisoners in Pakistan hospitalized after stuffing cellphones up their butts

Once you get addicted to punching the keys on your smartphone, sometimes it’s hard to get yourself to stop. And you would readily do anything, even stuff the handset up your butt, just to keep it in your person.

Apparently, that’s exactly what 37 prisoners in Pakistan did recently — hide their cellphones in their bodies expecting to get away without being detected. Unfortunately for them, the prison officers quickly foiled their disgusting plans.

Out of the 37 prisoners with cellphones in their bodies, only 30 were able to successfully remove the phones naturally. The remaining 7 were quite unlucky.

The other 7 prisoners had to undergo surgery and are now recovering in a local hospital because of the operations. It’s not everyday you get to have an operation on your butt to remove a smartphone you willingly placed inside it, right?

Well, let’s hope what happened teaches those crooks a lesson. So that maybe next time, they’d try a smaller phone instead.

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Author: David Gonzales

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