China Mobile in final stages of talks with Apple to bring iPhone to China

Apple may or may not have sold 8 million iPhones so far into the year, but this could change very soon once Apple and China Mobile wrap up their talks.

According to the AFP, Apple is already in the final stages of their talks with China Mobile to finally bring the legitimate Apple iPhone into China. A report from the 21 Century Business Herald cites unnamed sources in saying the two companies are likely to call on a deal soon.

A China Mobile spokesman refused while people from Apple were unavailable for comment, so we have yet to confirm from either company if the report is true.

What’s certain, though, is that Apple will surely have a great chance of meeting, maybe even surpassing, their goal of selling 10 million iPhone 3Gs this year if it manages to break into China’s 608.4 mobile phone market. And even without revenue sharing, Apple will still rake in the big bucks with this.


Author: David Gonzales

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