Mobile TV market size to double by 2010 due to cheaper chips

Sure, watching live TV through your cellphone via cell networks has been possible for several years now, but it is said that nothing beats experiencing the same with a mobile TV-oriented handset featuring a dedicated mobile TV chip.

That’s why the director of business development for Siano Mobile Silicon in Taiwan, David Chang, says that the mobile TV market will grow to double its current size by 2010.

The sudden uptick in the mobile TV market will also be due to the recent price drop of mobile digital TV chips to less than $5 per unit on average, as well as the abundance of content on many different mobile TV standards.

It is estimated that the current 50 million unit large mobile TV market will double to 100 million units if all go accordingly, but the question is, will it really be worth it? If you are able to watch your favorite shows on the Internet anyway, why bother with mobile TV?

Via DigiTimes

Author: David Gonzales

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