Report: 8 million iPhones sold and counting

According to a report based on the IMEI numbers of the most recently sold iPhones, Apple may be well on its way to selling its 10 millionth unit.

The said report states that as of August 30, 2008, Apple had already sold at least 5,649,000 iPhone 3Gs, which when added to the 2.4 million first-gen iPhone units sold during the first half of the year, amounts to more than 8 million units.

We’re a good full quarter away until 2008 is over, and yet if this report is to be believed, Apple may achieve its goal of selling 10 million iPhones before the end of the year much more sooner than expected. Perhaps when the iPhone finally becomes available in Russia and China, we will finally see this vision turn into a reality.

Via Apple 2.0

Author: David Gonzales

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