Samsung agrees to sell-out stake in Symbian to Nokia

Recalling Nokia’s sudden move to acquire the software firm Symbian and make it open-source with the Symbian Foundation, I was just thinking what other manufacturers like Samsung will do since they also have a stake in the existing software firm.

Well, my question got answered to day, when Nokia announced that Samsung has agreed to sell out their stake in Symbian.

Samsung, which has been launching several handsets running on the latest version of the Symbian OS recently, has agreed to sell-out with the rest of the other Symbian shareholders to Nokia for $410 million. It’s still not clear what type of OS new Samsung phones are going to run on then, or whether it will also take part in the new open-source Symbian Foundation, but it’s likely that it will take part in the open-source Symbian Foundation movement as well.

Via Reuters

Author: David Gonzales

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