Google Chrome for Android in the works?

The built-in browser in Google Android should be good enough since it’s going to be based on WebKit, like many other great mobile browsers. But until we finally see it in action, this claim might just be more of a dream than a reality.

However, if you look at another WebKit-based browser that Google has launched recently, then you’ll know exactly how much work Google is putting into their products. Google recently announced and released a new browser called Chrome, and so far it seems to be better than any other browser ever created before.

Now if that should offer any clues, it’s that Android’s mobile web browser should be on par with what Google has created for the desktop OS. But what if Google just made a version of Chrome for Android? Wouldn’t that be better for all of us?

At the Chrome launch event last Tuesday, Google co-founder Sergey Brin admitted that Chrome and Android were developed largely separate from each other, saying “We have not wanted to bind one’s hands to the other’s.”

But Brin also hinted at a version of Android with a lot of Chrome stack later in his talk, saying that there might be a “Chrome-like” offering for Android “or something similar.”

In any case, whether Google chooses to create a mobile version of Chrome for Android or not, it would be wise to just release Android on time before this year ends, and avoid any further delays. It would be better for Google, for the consumer, and software development will not go into stagnation.

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Author: David Gonzales

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