Best Buy prepping their unlocked HTC Touch Diamonds

Though nearly none of the US carriers that you were probably waiting to pick it up have, uh, picked it up yet, the HTC Touch Diamond seems to have found its home on the shelves of Best Buy. Or at least, it looks like it will.

Just put up on Best Buy’s web site is a Coming Soon page all the HTC Touch Diamond’s own, although the version listed up there doesn’t seem to include US 3G. That’s a bummer, but then again, maybe it’s just some kind of spec sheet screw up.

If they manage to turn out this cute little thing with the correct specs soon enough, though, there should be a lot of clamoring going on as this fantastic piece of form and function is just… fantastic. No confirmed point yet for the pricing, though.

Via Engadget

Author: David Gonzales

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