Official Verizon xv6800 A-GPS Fix by WIKI

The wiki.xda-developers provided a pretty complicated but a rewarding solution to enable A-GPS on your HTC Titan/Verizon xv6800. Feedback by users who have implemented the new addition by WIKI at forum.xda-developers signify that the trick is working as it made the use of applications like Google Maps and Windows Live Space much easier.

A-GPS is an add-on to normal GPS which serves faster or even instant GPS locks using data supplied by Verizon’s own servers. While normal GPS can take one to two minutes to get a lock, with A-GPS you are served with instant locks even when you are not in an open area.

After more research over the solution given by WIKI, I found something helpful at forum.ppcgeeks as a member there reports :

It’s not really entirely A-GPS. It’s only using A-GPS to help fire the GPS ONE chip up faster. It gives it the info it needs to make faster locks. It’s assisted GPS like the Sprint users have had for so long that we’ve been wanting. It’s dialing out because you’ve now given the GPS ONE chip (by using QPST) an IP address to check position with. It pretty much gives it your approximate location, then it can lock real sats much faster because it already knows approximately where you are. Your GPS is still real GPS, not A-GPS after applying this fix.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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