Rumor: Nokia 5800 Tube to be released in the UK on October 8th

Nokia is always saying they will try their best to release their first touchscreen handset before the end of the year, though most people think they’re just trying to save face.

Nokia could be forgiven, since their most recently announced devices seem to be pretty kick-ass even if they don’t have touchscreens, but still things would be sweeter if that tap-activated glass contraption comes into the picture.

Well, it looks like Nokia fanboys may finally get what they want right on schedule, after all. An anonymous source is saying that the Nokia 5800 Tube, which has been well documented in leaks all over the Internet (heck, it’s already made an appearance in a movie!), will be released in the UK as early as October 8th. It will feature a touchscreen and will be Nokia’s first device with Series 60 5th Edition running underneath.

Maybe we’re just excited about it finally being released, and although even Nokia has said it won’t be their best effort at a touchscreen handset, it would be nice to see just how far the company has come after all this time of making us wait.

If October 8th is really the release date, it also means that the device should start to get leaked again very very soon. So keep your eyes peeled for any clues, and let our wait for October 8th begin!

Via Talk About Nseries

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