Vodafone UK starts offering Facebook SMS Service

Vodafone UK has just announced that availability of a new service it calls “Vodafone Connect to Friends,” on which users will be able to send text messages from their Facebook profile to friends.

The service is currently in pilot stage, and can be used by anyone in the UK regardless of their UK mobile operator choice.

Vodafone Connect to Friends will be available through subscription as well as for prepaid customers. Payment is through subscription is done by obtaining credits via the online payment system Pay4it, while prepay customers will have their credits deducted from their remaining topup balance.

The cost of sending SMS and picture messages through Vodafone’s new service is 10p per text and 30p per picture message during the pilot. Texting overseas is also available at UK’s local rates.

It’s not clear up to when the pilot period will last, but this should certainly prove useful for users who want to stay connected with their friends 24/7.

Via Cellular News

Author: David Gonzales

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