Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync now available on all Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices

If you’re still wondering why Nokia dropped support for BlackBerry wireless services from their devices earlier this year, well, wonder no more. Today, Nokia announced that all their S60 3rd Edition devices were getting Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (Mail for Exchange) support for real — all 43 models of them.

Those 43 models in turn translate to approximately 80 million devices that are currently deployed around the world, in the hands of people who prefer to use Nokia’s Symbian-powered smartphones.

Now, Nokia device owners will get the convenience of “real time access to their office email, calendar, contacts, tasks and also their company directory, which makes it easy for them to search for their colleagues’ contact details.” And knowing Nokia, it should be all it’s worked up to be, and user-friendly.

It seems Nokia wasn’t planning on forcing users to use the native e-mail solutions found on all Symbian smartphones after all. And what does this mean for RIM, whom Nokia used to work with when it came to providing corporate e-mail solutions to its customers? Probably not much, as long as we’re talking about the U.S.

This move by Nokia may not likely affect RIM in the US, where it remains champion above everyone else when it comes to the corporate world, but elsewhere this move only advances Nokia as well as Microsoft. Nokia now joins the ranks of Apple, Palm, Motorola, and Samsung in providing corporate e-mail support in a flavor only Microsoft can concoct.

Author: David Gonzales

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