Motorola, Verizon and others start testing LTE technology

What do you think the people in Motorola do when they’re not producing handsets that almost get laughed at when they’re finally released? Why, they’re building the next generation networks!

The ailing handset maker, along with Verizon Wireless and a number of other telecom operators, is said to have begun testing LTE technology towards its first commercial release in 2009. Ray Owen, general director of Motorola Vietnam and Motorola’s head of technology in Asia had some key points he wanted to share about LTE and what they’re currently doing with it.

According to Owen, WiMAX and LTE are not competing technologies, an in fact about 75% of Motorola’s R&D efforts for WiMAX development have been channeled to support LTE as well.

LTE is expected to be rolled out into commercial operations in the next 12-18 months. Perhaps, by then we will know what LTE’s killer app is.

Via DigiTimes

Author: David Gonzales

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