T-Mobile to start offering Android-based smartphone “within weeks” or on September 23rd?

OK, just between me and you, T-Mobile is set to start selling the world’s first Android-powered smartphone in a few weeks. Go ahead, spread the word, and if anybody asks you, tell them “people familiar with the matter” gave you the information.

Actually, Reuters is citing two unnamed sources for telling them that T-Mobile and Google are set to make an announcement for something this month in New York City. Exactly what they will announce, we have no way to confirm at this point. But with pressure and excitement building with each passing day, why not make it Android, right? Everyone and their mother has been expecting it.

The people from T-Mobile and Google were quick to make themselves unavailable for comment, so now we have no other choice but wait for a date that was mentioned in the tip: September 23rd. And also, it could just be a rumor.

Via Reuters

Author: David Gonzales

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