Google Mobile App for BlackBerry now available

BlackBerry users, here’s another free utility that’s sure to prove itself useful. Google first introduced it for the iPhone platform, but now BlackBerry is getting it too. What is it? The Google Mobile App.

Google Mobile App for BlackBerry is now available for download from on your BlackBerry device. The app itself is free charge, but of course standard data rates will apply in downloading.

Now, on to the good stuff. What exactly will you be able to do with Google Mobile App for BlackBerry? Here are a few, according to Google:

  • Fast Google search – enter queries without waiting for a browser to load
  • Search history – easily access and amend your previous queries
  • Google Suggest – complete queries with less typing
  • Easy access to Google products for your phone – click once to download and install our applications for BlackBerry, and get immediate access to our web-based services
  • Google Apps support – get direct links to your Google Apps Calendar and Documents/Spreadsheets (select Menu, Options, Use Google Apps Domain: yes, and then enter your domain name)
  • Update alerts – learn about new versions of downloadable Google mobile applications and upgrade with just one click (Google Mobile App replaces Google Updater for BlackBerry)

Its UI may not be as sexy as that on the iPhone, but hey, its usability that counts. Hopefully, they release a version for S60 smartphones in the future, too.

Via Google Mobile Blog

Author: David Gonzales

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