iPhone App Review: Sportacular

If you have an iPhone, are you getting the most out of it? With the App Store there is a lot of potential to turn your iPhone into a powerful multi-purpose device with which you can access your essential information in just a click or two. One example of such is Sportacular, a free app that recently became available in the Store.

Sportacular is just what it sounds like: an application that enables you to keep up on all the latest sports scores. I’ve had the opportunity to test it out fully over the weekend with a lot of football to catch up on.

With me having to work on Saturdays, I hardly have the opportunity to watch the games or even keep up on the scores. However, whenever I had a free second I went into Sportacular to keep track of all of the big games, as they are updated regularly (On a side note, they only support American sports at this moment).

The great thing is that it’s not just scores; Sportacular will show the game stats and box scores of each game, as well as the current standings in each league. For certain sports even stats for individual players are available. You can also read up on the latest sports headlines from ESPN, CBS, Fox and Yahoo as they are published.

Overall this particular app is very handy to have on your iPhone if you are a sports fan who wants to stay continually updated on scores away from home. I personally have this one on my front page at the moment. I do wish that highlight clips could be available for each game, but that is a tall order for a free app.

Author: Brad Molen

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