Kleiner Perkins launches iFund Blog for iPhone

Trying to catch up with the times, Kleiner Perkins has decided to put up its very own blog for the Apple iFund and iPhone. They’re calling it… the iFund Blog. I bet you didn’t see that coming.

KP aims to make the iFund Blog a “forum for dialogue around the impactful trends and observations as the promise of open mobile is being fulfilled.” Hopefully, they stick with this rather simple goal and if not make it a mission statement, at least always keep it in miind, for the benefit of all people involved. Not just the VCs, but also the developers and end-user/consumers.

Currently, $30M has been spent from the iFund on five companies that either have a live iPhone app that’s already available in the Apple App Store, or have something coming within the next few months. These are Whrrl, iControl, ng:moco, GOGII, and an unannounced venture will be launching in Q1 2009.

The iFund will probably be used to issue updates to relevant App Store issues, as well as announcement of new apps that are available for download.

Via iFundVC

Author: David Gonzales

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