Nokia patents method to scribble notes onto cameraphone photos

Nokia has filed for a patent on a method to electronically add notes to photos via a handset’s built-in keypad or touchscreen immediately after the photo is taken. Aside from being a clear case of “Why didn’t I think of that?,” the method described in the patent seems pretty simple and will likely be a must-have feature for future cameraphones.

The way Nokia sees it is that users should be able to take a digital photo with a camera, turn the digital photo around on its back, and write relavant notes directly onto the back of the photo itself.

With Nokia’s method, users can use either a touchscreen phone or a regular cameraphone, and flip through saved photos ala Apple’s Cover Flow feature in iPod and iTunes.

Users will then be able to flip the photo around, and use either a keypad or a stylus to write notes such as who or what was in the photo, where it was taken, etc. Coupled with geo-tagging, this could make for a great way to make long-lasting memories. Here’s to hoping Nokia gets to work on the said feature and include it in their next generation of phones.

USPTO Via New Scientist

Author: David Gonzales

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