T-Mobile, Germany bans Sipgate’s VoIP app…

A ruling was just issued by the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) of Hamburg, Germany banning VoIP on the Apple iPhone. Specifically, the Sipgate VoIP app has been banned – all part of T-Mobile’s ongoing fight to block VoIP on the iPhone.

Apparently, the court felt that Sipgate would lure iPhone users into jailbreaking their iPhones. WTF? Banning software because it might entice customers to do something bad? Glad I live in the good ole’ freedom-loving India where we punish people for committing crimes not for “intentions” of committing crimes.

Sipgate’s Thilo Salmon said, “Unfortunately, T-Mobile has found a court to ban VoIP from the iPhone. I am glad to report though, that we have found a court to hold up the current ban of their iPhone ads in Germany. I guess, that at least eases the pain.

The ban only includes Germany, other countries where T-Mobile is the sole provider of the iPhone, such as the Netherlands, aren’t affected.

via cellular-news

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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