HTC Dream-like handset with Android demoed in Google Developer Day

While at the Google Developer day in London this morning, Mike Jennings demonstrated a full working Android-powered smartphone that’s said to be looking a lot like the HTC Dream. The handset seems to be in its final stages, though the software itself has some hiccups of its own. But judging from what’s been demoed, it looks like a late October launch isn’t entirely out of the question after all.

The Android handset demoed at the Google Developer day held in Wembley Stadium would be familiar to those who saw the early version at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year. Google Maps and a few apps were demoed by Jennings, before deciding to hold off any more demonstrations, lest he loses his job.

Jennings seemed particularly excited about the fact that you can write your own apps and run them on then handset itself, all on your own. “I spent two hours writing my own apps using a background thread and surface view to access the hardware buffer,” he said.

I’m sure a lot of developers are excited about this handset themselves, what with the openness and all. It remains a mystery whether it will be accepted as well as the masses, though. September 23rd can come soon enough.

Check out a video of the Android handset demo below.

Via Tech Radar

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