Survey: 31,544 mobile phones left behind in NYC Taxis for past six months

Credant Technologies recently released the results of a survey they conducted at the same time in London and New York. They found out that over the past six months, about 31,544 cellphones have been left at the back of New York taxis, with some 2,752 other handheld electronic devices like laptops, iPods, and memory sticks. How careless!

It may be tied to the fact that the people using such devices in the back of taxis while on the commute are very busy people, whose thoughts are quickly jumping from one place to another. Or perhaps some of them have decided to take a nap or rest, and upon waking up or starting to get off the cab they completely forget about the mobile device they put down on the car seat.

This is quite a serious problem. Imagine, 31,544 individuals giving away their identities, maybe even more.

Michael Callahan, Chief Marketing Officer at Credant Technologies issued a warning statement as a result of this survey:

“We’ve become too complacent about losing personal information. This is a warning to the business community and individuals to be vigilant when travelling with mobile devices especially as more people are using the latest range of “must have” mobile smartphones to store large amounts of sensitive personal and business information.”

There’s a moral to this story, and that’s: don’t leave things in the fridge.

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Author: David Gonzales

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