Toshiba interested in buying SanDisk away from Samsung

You remember how Samsung is said to be thinking about purchasing memory chip maker SanDisk for an undisclosed amount? Apparently, the people at Toshiba Corp. heard about it too, and firmly disagree. The last thing they want to happen is Samsung buying SanDisk.

Toshiba’s corporate senior vice president Shozo Saito was quoted as saying, “We need to take preventive steps, if (SanDisk) looks like it’ll be acquired.”

Toshiba, like Samsung, already has a close relationship with SanDisk in the flash memory business, but there is a lot more at stake than just long-founded friendships. It is believed that is Samsung acquires SanDisk, there is a possibity that it would gain a monopoly in NAND flash-memory devices, components and subsystems, and that’s not a good thing.

What’s interesting is that SanDisk doesn’t seem to mind all these rumors flying around about it being acquired. Or are they just not reading the news? Perhaps if SanDisk would just speak up about the issue, Toshiba and Samsung wouldn’t have to keep “mulling” over buying it or not, and move on to negotiations, whichever one of them is chosen by SanDisk to negotiate with.

Via EE Times

Author: David Gonzales

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