Your iPhone and iPod will rock with Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus and Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime

Isn’t it great when big companies collaborate to create cool products for us, the end users? Of course it is. Well, the latest such collaboration is between Logitech and Apple and brings us two new speaker docs especially created for iPhones and iPods.

The first one, Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus, is an omnidirectional speaker, while the Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime has the role of a perfect nightstand companion. Both products are compatible with the first iPhone, as well as with the iPhone 3G, so there are lots of potential buyers for them out there. 


Said to be the first speaker dock with omnidirectional acoustics built for Apple’s iPhone and iPod, Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus (pictured above) is capable of transmitting a smooth sound in all directions so that you can enjoy music the way you want. The Pure-Fi Express Plus comes with a remote control that has a range of up to 10 meters (about 30 feet) and it can run either on batteries, or on AC power.   


Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime might not have omnidirectional acoustics, but it features a crisp display, AM & FM radio and motion-sensing technology. The latter lets you light-up the alarm clock’s controls, as well as silence the alarm, just by waving your hand over the device.

The new Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus and Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime speaker docks will hit the US and European markets in October, for 100 bucks minus 1 cent, each.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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