PacketVideo VP calls Android a workhorse, would beat any phone in a speed test

As we lay wait for September 23rd and the still-rumored October 17th official release date, there’s still a lot of unanswered questions about Google’s Android operating system. PacketVideo’s VP of strategy, Joel Espelien, talked to Forbes about how the first Android handset is going to be.

PacketVideo is a San Diego-based Android partner which supplied Android’s media software, so they are in a good position to comment about certain things in Android’s software suite.

Espelien wastes no time to say Android is fast, an in fact faster than anything else available out there (ahem, iPhone). He claims it would beat any phone in a speed test supposedly when it comes to loading web pages. The secret to that, he says, is Android’s clean slate.

He also calls the Android phone a workhorse, and from what we’ve seen from the few live pics we’ve mined and that quick demo video, it’s going to be a big workhorse of a phone. “It is the first true multitasking operating system on a phone,” Espelien said.

If all these claims are proven true once Android is released, and all the apps built for it come out as powerful as their makers say they are, it could spell disaster for proprietary phone platforms like Windows Mobile, Symbian, and iPhone.

Espelien also mentions how Motorola can suddenly take the world by storm with their own Android-based handsets as early as next year, given how Motorola’s new co-CEO, Sanjay Jha, is well-versed in Qualcomm-compatible platforms (which Android is one of).

We’ll have to wait at least a month to see if Android is really all it’s worked up to be, and hopefully when we finally get our hands on it, we can say we’re feeling lucky.

Via Forbes

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