Telecom lab in Korea develops 3D virtual reality mobile phone design system

This is a feature Photoshop should have built-in in a future release. The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in Korea (ETRI) has created a design and evaluation system for mobile phones that will help speed up and better the creation of virtual handsets. You know, for design checks?

Imagine yourself a mobile phone maker. This will almost certainly cut the time you spend designing your handsets and checking them for usability and comfort. No mock ups (not to mention leaks on the Internet) would then be necessary.

According to the ETRI, the system will come with a glove-sensor that enables checking and evaluating the ease of use, placement of keys, etc., all while the handset is still in its design stage. Feedback at this point of a mobile phone’s creation should be very valuable to the designers and engineers working on them.

The ETRI also hints that this system could also be used in other field such as education, medicine, and other manufacturing industries. They didn’t mention when they will release this, but Samsung and LG should be happy about it.

Via Telecoms Korea

Author: David Gonzales

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