HTC Dream G1 captured in the wild

Think you can be the first person to ever own an Android-powered HTC Dream/ G1 phone? Well, you can try all you want, but whatever you do, the guy pictured here has already beat you to it.

Clearly seen in the hand of the person in the photo is a white variation of the upcoming HTC Dream a.k.a. G1 Google phone which is running the open-source Android operating system. Like all leaks it really doesn’t tell us much information except that the HTC Dream is in the wild, real as the screen on which you are reading this right now.

The source of the photo says it was taken by one of his “super secret spies at Google,” so we guess we’re taking that as to the photo’s legitimacy. Hopefully, we’ll get to get our own hands on the HTC Dream when it finally launches some time next week or next month.

Via Talk Android

Author: David Gonzales

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