Nokia E72 actually Nokia E63, to be offered in three flavors

Last week, we saw the unofficial unveiling of two upcoming Nokia Eseries handsets – the Nokia E72 and Nokia E75. We’ve seen the Nokia E75 in live photos, but what about the Nokia E72? Well, as it turns out, the Nokia E72 just might actually be called the Nokia E63, to be offered worldwide in three different versions.

What’s this about the Nokia E63, and what does it have to do with the Nokia E72? As far as we know, the Nokia E63 is a non-existent Nokia device, but its UAF profiles have been recently made available on Nokia’s web site. The Nokia E72 will be Eseries, and well, that’s pretty much all the link we’ve got between the two unnannounced devices.

From its wap profiles, we were able to learn that the Nokia E63, if and when it comes out, should have a screen resolution of 320 x 240, built-in Wi-Fi, HSDPA data, and Series 60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1. We already knew that Nokia grabbed most of its design from the Nokia E71, but it looks like they’ve packaged it with a lot of the same specs as well.

Nokia E63-1
Nokia E63-2
Nokia E63-3

At this point there’s really no way to confirm if the Nokia E72 and E63 are even remotely connected to each other, but that’s what you get if you put two and two together. In any case, since the Nokia E63’s wap profiles are already up, we should be hearing about it from Nokia soon.

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  • bonz

    kayaknya bagus tuh E72 ada gak ya yang ngasih ke aku,,,hpq dah jadul E61i huh

  • DRc

    i just picked up the Nokia E63 at Delhi(India). Its really good & absolute value for money.

  • Rocci

    I love this, phone mostly for the wi-fi features, i got it at… and its working prfectly.