Apple iPhone home activation to make a comeback, but still in hack-proof form

Part of what’s been keeping contract-tied iPhone 3Gs unlock-proof so far is the mandatory process of in-store activation. This process was only introduced with the release of the new model and was not present when the iPhone was first released. As you can imagine this is not good for the hacker community and generally anyone who wants to get an iPhone cheaply but doesn’t want a data plan.

But what if going to an Apple or AT&T isn’t the only way to activate the iPhone 3G anymore? What if you had a choice, if you could activate the iPhone 3G back at home like users of the old one did? Well, you might just be in luck, as BGR notes in a tip sent to them by an Apple retail store employee.

According to the tipster, in-home iPhone activation will definitely make a comeback, albeit with a catch: it isn’t completely identical to the old method.

Apparently, the method is going to be reintroduced only to cut the time being spent on activation itself. It’s like, you activate your iPhone at home before you even buy it, and then head out to get it where it’s waiting for you to take it home, fully working and no activation required (since you only did that before heading to the store).

So as it is, the whole process of buying a new contract-tied iPhone still sucks, but if you’re optimistic I’m sure you’ll be able to find some kind of ray of light here. Though I sure don’t.


Author: David Gonzales

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