BlackBerry Storm coming to UK exclusively through Vodafone

While T-Mobile will be the exclusive carrier to market the upcoming Google Android G1 phone in the US, Vodafone UK will be the one to bring RIM’s BlackBerry Storm over on that side of the world.

Pocket-lint’s sources are saying, “Vodafone will be the exclusive operator in the UK with the ‘Thunder’ name being ditched in favour of the global ‘Storm’.” And that’s pretty clear info by any account. Several other sources note that RIM will be making its official announcement by the beginning of October.

It is said that the BlackBerry Storm will be made available at the end of October and throughout November, on the way to Christmas. It seems that consumers will then be torn between not just two, but a total of three powerful touchscreen phones released by three big competing companies: Google’s Android-powered G1, RIM’s BlackBerry Storm, and Apple’s iPhone.

If Nokia somehow manages to get its act together, they might just get in on the action with the touchscreen Nokia Tube. And then of course, there’s the rumored Samsung Bresson M8800. Wow, now the real battle of the touchscreen titans will begin.

Via Pocket-lint

Author: David Gonzales

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  • hannah


  • tayy

    sweet phone it looks really neat. cant wait to try it out!!

  • M

    looks really cool.. but the price surely be hot huhu

  • M

    looks really cool.. but the price surely be hot huhu