Nokia Photos 1.5 Beta now available

Before you lose all your hair out of frustration with the Nokia Photos application that came bundled with your Nseries phone’s PC Suite, Nokia has announced that they will be releasing an updated version of the said program, to be known as Nokia Photos 1.5 Beta.

Nokia Photos 1.5 Beta introduces a few new features and keeps all the goodies in the old one. For example, version 1.5 can now import photos and videos from any digital camera, memory stick and even your computer’s hard disk, aside from any S60 device you plug in to sync. Video conversion and shrinking photos to the right resolution for your phone are also on-board, as well as improved functionality for newer phones such as the Nokia N78 and Nokia N96.

Nokia Photos 1.5 Beta also comes with a new map view, on which you can visualize all your geotagged photos and even move them to any position on the map you like to geotag them again.

Finally, Nokia promises there will be better integration with their online sharing service called Ovi, though they never mentioned if the program itself will be faster and less of a resource hog than its previous version. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Author: David Gonzales

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