T-Mobile G1 official pics and specs leaked early

The people in charge of keeping top secret information about Google and T-Mobile’s first Android-powered phone just couldn’t help but let the cat out of the bag a day early. TMoNews has got the scoop on a few confirmed T-Mobile G1 specs, plus we’ve got official shots.

The T-Mobile G1 will only be “available in all stores within 3G boundary area” because neither T-Mobile nor Google want to encounter any problems with customers complaining about the 3G reception. An exception is granted for “some locations directly outside of the 3G boundary area,” however, because “some customers who live in the 3G boundary area shop within a 2 – 5 mile radius and the store they would go to is outside of the 3G boundary area.”

Those are statements from T-Mobile concerning the handset’s availability. And now, onto the specs!

The T-Mobile G1 is said to feature one-click Google search and easy access to all Google-centric apps. These include Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, and Google Talk.

As for the hardware, it’s going to measure 4.6 x 2.16 x 0.63 inches in all, and weigh in at 5.6 ounces. The display is said to have HVGA or 480 x 320 screen resolution and only 65K colors.

Others features are built-in GPS, 3G, 3.1 megapixel camera, and support for up to 8GB memory. Unfortunately, the T-Mobile G1 also comes with some bad news; there’s no support for stereo Bluetooth, no corporate access email (for now), a Gmail account is required and it won’t be made available in prepaid kits (data plans are also required).

With only a few hours left before T-Mobile really goes official with the G1, I’d be surprised if their official announcement impresses anyone. Here’s to hoping they still mention a few great and yet to be documented features.

Via TMoNews

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