The first 9 Megapixel autofocus camera module for handsets announced

It seems that 8 MP camera phones should already step aside to make room for the 9 MP handsets, although the first ones haven’t had the chance to conquer the market yet.  

Digital Imaging Systems, a German-American developer of camera module technology, announced the availability of DIS6931 – the first ever 9 Megapixel camera module created for mobile devices.    

Basically, a handset equipped with this camera module will be able to take photos at a 3488 x 2616 pixels maximum resolution. Even more, since the module features uber-fast autofocus (less than 300 milliseconds), a fast click-to-capture time (less than 200 ms) and high-quality lenses, the phone to integrate it should be among the best when it comes to photo quality.     

The DIS6931 also comes with a mechanical shutter, ND filter (neutral density filter) and support for lots of viewfinder / HDTV sizes (up to 30fps frame rates).

Pre-production samples of DIS6931 are available right away, while commercial units should start shipping at the end of 2008, which might mean that the first quarter of 2009 could bring us one or even more 9 MP camera phones.   

I wonder which handset manufacturer will be the first to incorporate the DIS6931 module into one of its devices. Maybe Nokia, since the Finns don’t have an 8 MP camera phone yet, like most of the other giant producers do. Well, what do you think?      

Via Press

Author: Ilinca Nita

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