First T-Mobile G1 hands on

At the official T-Mobile G1 launch event, the guys from Engadget had the chance to paw the world’s first handset running on Google’s open-source Android OS. We have to say, the handset itself looked a lot easier on the eye than on T-Mobile’s web site. Official product photos do not seem to do the T-Mobile G1’s beauty justice.

We knew from earlier that the T-Mobile G1 measured 0.63 inches thick, but in the hand it looks (and probably feels) much thinner. It’s actually a pretty solid looking device. And even if you take the software out of the question, it looks like it would go on to sell at least a couple of million units based on looks alone.

Another big plus for the T-Mobile G1 in the looks department is its well-assembled QWERTY keyboard. We’re still not sure just how exactly this would fair in terms of usability, but it looks rather nice! It has all the necessary buttons on, far as we can see.

Stay tuned for more T-Mobile G1 updates.


Author: David Gonzales

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