Google Mobile products to feature flawless integration with online counterparts in T-Mobile G1

According to Eric Tseng, the lead product manager for Google products on the T-Mobile G1, the particular handset he helped create will work so well with Google services because of the simple reason that it comes “with Google”. And also, he’s an avid cyclist.

You see, the T-Mobile G1 will come with at least 7 Google mobile products on-board out of the box. First up on the list, of course, is Google’s bread and butter, Search. Then there’s Maps, Gmail (with) Contacts, Calendar, Google Talk, and YouTube. All of these services are among what Google does best, and an Android-powered handset, particularly the T-Mobile G1, should be able to work seamlessly with it, with syncing and online integration closed down to mere seconds.

Three of the Android T-Mobile G1’s best features are the following: 1) Fully synchronized (with Google’s online services); 2) Apps are designed to work together, and; 3) Easy to use (who wouldn’t want that?).

All the Google Mobile apps that come with Android are fully synchronized with Google’s online services, so that a change you make on either whether it be on the desktop or on the phone itself will be reflected on the other. If you added a contact on your handset, you’d later see it on your Gmail contacts list (provided that you already use Gmail for email). And it only takes a matter of seconds.

Also of note is that the apps are designed to work together. One swipe is all it takes to see the status on everything. You could be using the Calendar app one second, trying to confirm where you’re going to meet up with a contact for dinner, and easily locate and pinpoint that place on Google Maps (with no less than Street View, of course).

All of this, of course, goes down to say but one thing: that Android is easy to use. It features a single sign-on (just like on the desktop) to access all your Google accounts and you’ll never have to sign on again. And as mentioned above, all the information you input or take and all the changes you make will be reflected on both the desktop and the handset without a hitch. In fact, you could lose your phone, break it, or heck, give it away, and when you get your replacement Android-handset all of your information will still be there (because it’s integrated with Google’s online services).

I could go on and on about the T-Mobile G1 and Android’s features, but I think it would be better if I just let you watch this video. The guy I introduced to you earlier, Eric, is the one speaking in this video. It’s just too bad they don’t show us the girl he was talking about the whole time…

Via Google Mobile Blog

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