KongZhong Opera 3.0 – the new mobile browser for Chinese users

Opera Software and KongZhong, a leading Chinese mobile content and services provider, have teamed up again in order to better answer the needs of mobile Internet users from China. The two companies have released KongZhong Opera 3.0, the third generation of the free and easy to use mobile Web browser especially built for the needs of China’s users.  

Based on Opera Mini, KongZhong Opera 3.0 comes with a redesigned start page that should allow Chinese users to access all the major portals and Websites with ease. Moreover, the new version of the browser is with 50% faster than the old 2.0 one.   

KongZhong Opera 3.0 also offers:

  • A “find in page” feature, so that users can search and locate keywords on a Web page   
  • Offline browsing mode – save pages and view them later, even when not connected to the Web
  • Local site enhancements – Chinese favorite Websites, like baidu.com or Google.cn, work with no problems on the new browser

KongZhong is one of the most important service/content providers of China Mobile, the largest Chinese mobile carrier. Thus, the new KongZhong Opera 3.0 browser is, theoretically, available for hundreds of millions of users (since China Mobile currently has almost 400 million subscribers).  

Via Opera

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • venkateshmurthy

    how to domnload kongzhong opera3.0

  • venkateshmurthy

    how to domnload kongzhong opera3.0