Qantm College UK announces iPhone game development course

Qantm College in the UK wants to give its students a head start in the booming iPhone games development market by offering what it claims is the world’s first iPhone game development course at their Islington Campus. They poke fun at the idea by saying music and games are now all in a day’s work.

In a statement, Qantm College says the iPhone course was created specifically for designers who want to produce games and applications for the “world’s most iconic instrument.” They already have an established Game Design and Development course, and the iPhone course will run alongside it.

There’s no telling how many other universities will follow Qantm’s lead, but it’s clear that Qantm will not be limiting its program to the UK. It will also launch the program in its other colleges throughout the world, including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich.

Qantm Via Pocket-lint

Author: David Gonzales

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