T-Mobile G1 could possibly handle content delivered by AmazonMP3 store

Apparently, there are other people who have a pre-release unit of T-Mobile’s G1 aside from that one person we saw holding it out in the open the other day. Rumor has it that someone also showed off his/her G1 at a bar in the SF Bay Area over the weekend, and there was supposedly an Amazon music and video store app running on it.

Such an app would be Google’s answer to Apple’s iTunes music store for the iPhone, although it’s still unclear how exactly the process of purchasing music and videos with it will work.

Amazon sells digital wares online through the AmazonMP3 online digital music store, and this could very well be the service which the app in question here integrates with in Android. We’ll know for sure by the upcoming T-Mobile announcement, or if not, then by Amazon when it makes an announcement regarding this itself.

Via Venture Beat

Author: David Gonzales

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