T-Mobile G1 now official, to cost $179 with contract

T-Mobile and Google have just officially announced the world’s very first handset running the open-source Android OS, the T-Mobile G1. Previously dubbed the HTC Dream, this handset is the collective work of thousands of workers, contributors, and coders, who want to put a powerful, and yet open phone, in the hands of consumers.

The T-Mobile G1’s official commercial launch date is on October 22nd, but T-Mobile customers can already order starting today. It looks like it will only be available in “selected T-mobile markets” for now, but it is promised to hit the UK in November and across Europe in Q1 2009. The handset itself should be able to work mighty fine over 3G, but when reception is weak, built-in Wi-Fi will have users covered.

The Android platform itself on which the T-Mobile G1 will be running on will only go open source when it launches in October. And if you’re wondering about the price, well, wonder no more. It’s going to be sold for only $179 USD (!), but under a T-Mobile contract. But come on, it’s $179! Cheaper than some music players out there…

Anyway, with Android and the T-Mobile G1 now finally out in the open, things are getting a little more clearer by the moment. Clearly, great things are going to come from Google for this year’s Christmas! Stay tuned for the full T-Mobile G1 specs and features.

Author: David Gonzales

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