LG Xenon for AT&T leaked

Perhaps in response to Google’s T-Mobile G1 (which is a T-Mobile exclusive), AT&T is getting ready to launch a new QWERTY phone too, built by LG and apparently named LG Xenon.  

Boy Genius Report has uncovered a handful of details regarding the upcoming LG Xenon, plus a picture with the phone. Picture that, as far as I’m concerned, might be just a photoshopped image.

If you look carefully, you can see that the upper part of the supposed LG Xenon is larger than its lower part, where the call and end-call keys are situated. Not only that this doesn’t have any logic, but it would probably also make the handset weird when held in hand.    


Anyway, the rumored specs of LG Xenon, apart from the full QWERTY keyboard seen above, are:

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and dual-band UMTS/HSDPA connectivity 
  • A 2.8 inch, 240 x 480 pixels display (most probably touch-enabled)
  • Wi-Fi and A-GPS
  • Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0
  • 3 MP camera, sans autofocus but with VGA video recording
  • 100MB of internal memory, expandable up to 16GB with a microSD / microSDHC card
  • 105.5 x 53.5 x 15.8 millimeters

These specs are surely the ones of a good phone, so let’s hope the real look of Xenon is actually a bit different than what appears in the leaked picture.  

AT&T should start selling the LG Xenon just before Christmas, for a price that’s currently not known.   

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • abcyesn

    Hands on LG Xenon, Arena touchscreen phones

    by admin on Apr.11, 2009, under Uncategorized

    LG Xenon Fans Forum

    First up is the Xenon, announced earlier this week and set to arrive April 8 on AT&T. While it’s not exactly the thinnest phone I’ve pawed here in Vegas, it’s certainly one of the lighter ones—just 3.18 ounces, not bad for a touchscreen slider.

    As far as the Xenon’s touch UI goes, it’s pretty much par for the course—in fact, anyone who’s familiar with the touchscreen Vu will immediately recognize the same interface on the Xenon.

    And while the 3G-enabled handset comes with the plenty of messaging features (mobile e-mail, SMS/MMS, and instant messaging are supported), streaming video/music downloads, and one-way video conferencing over the two-megapixel camera, don’t look for smartphone capabilities here—indeed, even LG reps are careful not to call the Xenon a smartphone.

    The good news, though, is that the Xenon’s relatively cheap price tag–$99, with a two-year contract—reflects its mid-range features, and the full, slide-out QWERTY keypad (easy to use, save for the too-small Space bar) is a nice bonus.

    Next, I tried out the Neon, a non-touchscreen QWERTY slider that targets the youth (or youthful, at least) audience. The Neon is even more bare-bones than the Xenon—no 3G, no streaming video, and no music downloads—but you still get the same basic messaging features, and I actually liked the Neon’s round QWERTY keys better than the squarish Xenon keypad. Nope, the Neon’s no iPhone, but it’s pretty solid considering the $29 (with a two-year contract) price tag.

    So that’s the scoop in terms of LG’s new U.S. handsets—nice, but nothing earth-shattering. But then I got my first hands-on with a couple of red-hot touchscreen LG phones for Europe—the Arena, and the GD900.

    Both phones were announced last month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and while the Arena recently won FCC approval here in the States, neither phone has a U.S. release date yet—not even a ballpark date, even.

    That said, you can always dream, and the Arena and GD900 are clearly dream- (and drool-) worth. Both handsets boast LG’s new “S-Class” interface, an eye-popping UI complete with 3D cubes that spin to reveal various applications (similar to HTC’s TouchFlo interface). The GD900 (armed with an 8MP camera and speedy HSDPA access) takes things a step further with its transparent, slide-out and touch-sensitive numeric keypad, which you can swipe with a finger to manipulate menus, photos, lists of songs, and so on.

    Cool, right? Sadly, though, no firm plans for either the Arena or the GD900 to make U.S. landfall, at least not yet. Still, fingers crossed.
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    LG Xenon is now on AT&T for $99 dollars

    by admin on Apr.11, 2009, under Uncategorized

    LG Xenon Fans Forum

    Today i find a people evaluate the LG Xenon vs AT&T Quickfire like this.He said that “From the shape we can see that the LG Xenon is more smooth,and the AT&T Quickfire has more edges and corners.Personally,i prefer the AT&T Quickfire to the LG Xenon,beacause i think there are textures of the AT&T Quickfire,but also i like the colours of AT&T Quickfire,especially the silver color.While the LG Xenon’s colour is more fashion,customers who like fashion can choose the LG Xenon. In features,both of the two at&t cell phones are all almost same.They are all tochscreen mobiles and all sports a full QWERTY keyboard.Besides they also support the same Bluetoot,GSM/GPRS/Edge/HSDPA,as well as offer WiFi connectivity, a 2.8-inch display(the resolution may not same),camera.But the LG Xenon will come with a 3-megapixel camera,the AT&T Quickfire will feature a 1.3-megapixe……”

    source: http://www.LGXenon.org