Casio develops new LCD with 546 ppi and up to 16.77 million colors, definitely not for wristwatches

Using their original hyper-amorphous silicon TFT technology (HAST) for LCDs, Casio has successfully developed the most colorful and pixel-filled TFT LCD on the planet. Called the a-Si TFT (amorphous silicon TFT) LCD, it measures 2.0-inches and comes packed with 546 pixels per inch (ppi).

Even the Apple iPhone, with its 160 ppi bright color display is no match for this. And everyone thought it was the mobile phone display to beat. Well, guess what, Casio just “beat” it with the a-Si TFT LCD.

One possible application of this new technology would be to enable users to watch HD video content on their 2-inch screen equipped mobile phones or any other similar devices. Casio also bills this to be highly compatible with the full HD standard (1920×1080 pixel), and suggests that it should also work the same way with high-quality stills as with video. From the looks of it, it can beat OLED, so it would be interesting to see which mobile phone company applies it to their products first.

Author: David Gonzales

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