Apple files patent for method to automagically pair Bluetooth-enabled devices near each other

Currently, the method of pairing Bluetooth devices is ridiculously simple. You just activate Bluetooth, search for the other device you’d like to pair with, enter a PIN, and you’re all set! But the wizards at Apple think they can make it even simpler, eliminating the need for PINs or any of that year-2000 crap.

In a recent patent filing, Apple suggests that Bluetooth devices should be able to pair up as soon as they come within a certain range of each other. That way, you only need to activate Bluetooth on either device and position them next to each other to successfully pair. And by all accounts, that certainly seems much easier.

This will be a great and welcome innovation for Bluetooth headset makers, as the need for PINs just makes the whole process of pairing BT headsets with handsets that much harder.

And if you think this could bring the risk of unwanted pairings and other similar instances, Apple is one step ahead of you as it mentions in the patent that the auto-pairing will break once the two devices leave the specified range. Now how about rolling this feature out sooner than later, eh Apple? Just don’t forget to include A2DP.

Via Apple Insider

Author: David Gonzales

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