EVDO iPhone coming to Verizon in 2009?

The iPhone then, and the iPhone 3G now, were both announced and released exclusively under AT&T’s network. A lot of people were not happy about it then, and a lot of people aren’t happy about it now, since most of them are having problems with AT&T’s 3G network.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Apple just opened up the iPhone to other US carriers, like say, Verizon and its EVDO network? It sure would, wouldn’t it?

Fortunately, rumors brought up by 9to5mac seem to say so. And it says that an EVDO version of the iPhone for Verizon may well arrive in time for Macworld 2009.

The foundation of this rumor starts with the various job postings on Apple’s web site for EVDO and CDMA engineers. Then, Apple’s slowly-but-surely way of opening up the iPhone by making it available fully unlocked in China also offers clues. Lastly, Verizon was Apple’s original choice to be the exclusive carrier for the iPhone. AT&T got sloppy second. So it only makes sense that Apple and Verizon resume their talks since Apple will need broader reach to gain more market share anyway.

Of course, there’s still the issue of AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity until 2010. Or is it non-exclusivity? In any case, it would most definitely be good for the consumer if the iPhone does go to Verizon Wireless by 2009.

Via 9to5mac

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  • Eric

    dude! THAT'S SO AWESOME! I really hope verizon does this so I don't have to mess with stupid rhapsody and use the heavenly iTunes. 😀 plus my contract with verizon is up in '09. So that means I get to upgrade to my dream phone. 🙂

  • Tahir

    ok I phone should not go to verizon because then everybody would have it and then its going to be weird so who agrees with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • InaudiblePC

    no one agrees with you. The iPhone should be availiable on all networks, then everyone can get a phone on a network they like, ore that works for them. You wouldn't buy a computer if you were limited to one ISP?

  • meeee

    I bet the original iPhone negotiations went like this:

    Apple: we'd like to bring our phone to your network because of your great network quality and massive customer base.
    Verizon: cool. One thing though, where do you plan to put Vcast?
    Apple: That's not going to be part of the plan..
    Verizon: Well your stupid ipod phone is going to fail anyway we don't need you. Goodbye.

  • iflyone2

    I agree. Vcast is for the birds. I sure hope they don't take off the GPS feature and require you to buy their VZNavigator. Anyone know how the class action lawsuit is coming along against Verizon for disabling GPS?

  • Amber

    I really hope that the iPhone comes to Verizon (I am in love with Verizon phones and the Network!) because my phone contract is up in 2009 and I really want the iPhone. I think that sales will be a lot better with Verizon selling them because of their amazing service. I HOPE IT COMES!!

  • robbie

    i really hope the iphone comes to verizon it will the best choice apple and verizon would make and when does come out on verizon ill be the firdt one in line to get the iphone on verizon

  • robbie

    what do you think about the daRE

  • Dennis

    Would really like to see Verizon get the iphone been waiting a long time. Don't want to leave verizon but, I am seriously considering it this year because it is time to renew my contract!

  • VerizonLover

    Here is my thoughts on why Verizon did not do the iPhone. When you have a problem with a phone from Verizon you go into the store and get it replaced, with the iPhone you have to schedule an appointment with Apple at the Genius Bar. This is a major problem, Verizon's model is not to send the customer away if there is a problem it is to fix it and make you satisfied. This is the model AT&T needs to follow, I recently switched from AT&T to Verizon for this exact reason. I had the iPhone 3G for about two months had nothing but problems I could not keep a call up crossing the Bay Bridge in San Francisco to save my life. I decided to leap over to the BlackBerry Storm, the phone is cool but its still no iPhone. I do love the applications on the iPhone, but the iPhone really needs to step up to the plate. They would have the perfect device if it had a removable battery, voice dialing, removable micro sd card & the most important of all replacement insurance. If you break/lose or get your iPhone stolen, sorry charlie you are paying full retail for another one AT&T does not offer insurance. In conclusion I really do hope to see the iPhone on Verizon but they need to allow Verizon to do what they do best, service their customers!

  • pleeeaaaassssseeeee!

    i wish i had an iphone:`( to bad i have verizon! i love verizon but i hate the fact that we dont get iphones:““(
    stupid at&t! they suck!

  • John Cook

    I once used At&t and they ripped me off. I had a broken phone, they sent me a new one, I sent the old one back, they said they never received it. I had tracking numbers and all necessary documents and yet they would not refund me the $200.00. I did try to go to their store but they said I had to do it all online because it was purchased from online. I cancelled my plan and had to pay another $175. Switched to Verizon and never have any complaints. Can't get any signal strength with AT&T where I lived. With Verizon, I get full bars! I hate At&t and never switching to any other network as long as verizon keeps customers satisfied. What's the point of getting an Iphone if you can't use it as a phone? I'm just going to wait for Verizon to carry the iphones.

  • John

    I would have to reply by saying if you do have a palm treo with verizon you have to go through palm and verizon cannot touch the phone, so you are in the same boat as with an iPhone. The only differnece is if you have problem with a treo within the first 15 days you can get a replacement instore. I had a treo and got rid of it because of that. I had a problem within a week with it not charging and verizon just gave me a new phone, but when I ran into other problems with the treo each time I had to go through palm because verizon could not work on the phone. Also blackberry is not that great either, I had nothing but problems with that so I went with the dare, cool phone good looking, but again this is no iPhone as well. Please verizon get the damn iPhone already.

  • Aitua Ogiamien

    This is going to be interesting. I used to have an iPhone (1st gen) and it's an excellent device for apps and music but it was terrible for phone calls. If you've noticed, most iPhone owners are usually not talking on it (i rolled over about 7,000 minutes). I paid $59.99 monthly for the very crappy “Edge Network” with 450 minutes, 5,000 nights and weekend + 250 text . Now when I wanted to upgrade to the “3G” the wanted $15 more a month. So I decided to go to verizon. That being said, Apple will need to re-develop the iPhone to meet Verizonwireless standards.

  • Samira


  • Austin Paul

    Apple needs to realize even though AT&T's 3G network maybe faster but it's not as relaiable as Verizon's. I'm tellin you alot of people would really enjoy the fact of being able to get a phone they want or need without having to spend all that money switching carriers and buying new phones. plus Apple would make a TON more cash if they went to two companies.
    Think about it:
    money from AT&T= Big time cash + money from Verizon= Big time cash = TWICE THE BIG AMMOUNTS OF CASH!!!!! Duh Apple!!!!! Wake up and smell the money!!!!!

  • amanda

    I am a Verizon costumer and hope the iphone will come to verizon. Iphone please come soon.

  • miamitrick


  • miamitrick