Motorola sets up 350-person team to work on Android

With all their time spent doing seemingly next to nothing for the past few months, it’s a mystery what exactly Motorola is up to. Are they still thinking about ripping off the RAZR? Trying to hang on to the “thin is in” catchphrase?

It turns out, Motorola is intending to work on its own customized Android OS, which it will use for several future phone models. They’re one of the original partners in the Open Handset Alliance, after all, along with other handset makers LG and Samsung.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Motorola is growing its currently 50-person team to 350, just to work on the Android platform. An Android developer approached by a headhunter to join the team confirms.

This is great news for loyal users of Motorola smartphones, if there are still any, as even with only one known handset running it existing, the Android OS shows promise. Here’s to hoping there will be a next “RAZR” to wow the public as early as next year!

Via TechCrunch

Author: David Gonzales

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