Nokia 5800 Tube available for pre-order… Sort of

Well before Nokia even officially announces the Nokia 5800 Tube, this said touchscreen handset is already available for pre-order at Mobile City Online. The estimated time of arrival is not specified, but sure enough there’s a Pre-order button waiting for potential customers.

What’s more, it lists the retail price as being $799.99 and says their price is only $499.99. Its product page even shows official specs along with another official photo of the 5800 XpressMusic Tube.

Judging from the listed specs, it seems that we got the specs right, but its as if we also nailed the October 2nd launch date. We will see if Nokia lives up to our expectations come October 2nd, and hopefully, the 5800 Tube won’t be a letdown of a device as well.

Via Symbian Freak

Update (by Staska): Well, regarding the specs, it’s actually something very interesting there. It seems that these specs:

provided by Mobile City Online,  have actually been copy/pasted with a bit of editing from Nokia 5800 XpreessMusic specs in our own article, including all  possible inaccuracies that might have been there.

And the picture of the phone itself on the retail site, while might be genuine, looks  more like a photoshopped version of the original picture in that article, with’s watermark removed.

So I actually would be pretty careful about hitting the pre-order button on that site, and even more careful to provide the credit card details to them.

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