Sony Ericsson’s GreenHeart concept phone in the wild

The concept of environment-friendly handsets isn’t new. And Sony Ericsson is actually coming in a little bit late to the party with its GreenHeart Concept, since at least two other handset makers (Nokia and Samsung) have announced their own versions of environment-friendly phones.

But as with all good things, the GreenHeart concept deserves a second look, as it has the potential to change the way handset manufacturers assemble their products to help the environment for many years to come.

Our friends at Mobile Cowboys have managed to snag a Sony Ericsson GreenHeart concept prototype phone, and have shown it in a few live photos. It looks just like most low-end Sony Ericsson handsets, and in fact it would be hard to tell that this was actually made of recycled materials if you didn’t know from the start.

Sony Ericsson’s GreenHeart phone will have a bio-plastic housing, recycled plastic keypad, web-based manual and will come in matching environment-friendly packaging. It will also feature a so-called zero charger with 3.5mW standby power, which means it uses up less power than its current-generation counter parts.

It might still be a long time till we finally see phones derived from this concept but its day will surely come. Kudos to Sony Ericsson for taking a step in the right direction.

Mobile Cowboys Via BGR

Author: David Gonzales

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