iPhone-fighter Emblaze Edelweiss to come with a 480 x 854 pixels display

Regardless of how tech-savvy you are, there are little chances that you ever heard of Emblaze Mobile. Still, the Israeli company is getting ready to make ridiculous all the previous attempts of building the perfect touchscreen mobile phone. 

Emblaze is currently working on two handsets, one of them being named Emblaze Edelweiss, like that mountain flower

Apparently, the Edelweiss comes with a 3.5 inch TFT touchscreen display that will feature a 480 x 854 pixels resolution.  Yep, bigger than the resolutions of HTC Touch HD and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, and far bigger than the 320 x 480 pixels resolution of Apple’s iPhone 3G.

The new Emblaze Edelweiss looks nice, although there’s nothing revolutionary about its design:


Apart from the high-res touchscreen display that should make any gadget freak fall in love with it, Emblaze Edelweiss should also feature:

  • GSM and 3G connectivity
  • Internal GPS
  • 8GB / 16GB of built-in memory (just like the iPhone 3G and Samsung Omnia)

As you can see, details are scarce for the moment, but the handset is surely one that promises a lot.

Emblaze Edelweiss will be first launched in Russia, starting October. It seems that MTS, Russia’s leading mobile carrier, has already confirmed the release of Edelweiss, although there are no pricing details at this point. 

The second handset that Emblaze is working on will be called Monolith and, as we can read on the Israeli manufacturer’s website, it’s built together with Japan’s Sharp and Access (the latter being a software developer). 

Working on a Linux-based platform, Emblaze Monolith will come with a touchscreen display, GPS, Web browser, lots of multimedia features and “virtually every wireless connectivity technology known to man.”

Well, these are big words coming from a small company. But seeing how the Edelweiss looks like, I guess we should expect the Monolith (no image with it available until now) to be even cooler.

I wonder, while reading the above mentioned stuff, what will Apple’s iPhone engineers think about? 🙂

Via Mobile-review

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • dudeguy

    1st post yay.

    Xperia looks nicer =P

  • Landy Mann

    I love Emblaze, they are the best this i going to be a great phone – they designed the virgin lobster hand sets as well

  • Jan


    This is the homepage for this phone.
    They will use Linux

  • chris

    where could
    i buy this phone???

  • chris

    where could
    i buy this phone???