Motorola ZN5 Armani phone in the works. (Update) Probably fake

Samsung is not the only vendor Armani has decided to cooperate with to make an Armani phone this year.

It looks like they have persuaded Motorola to ditch their Dolche&Gabana phone partners and make the Armani branded Motorola phone as well.

Only, instead of making a new phone, Motorola is planing to put Georgio Armani label on it’s MOTO ZN5 cameraphone:

No details about this new handset have been announced and the exact terms are still being negotiated.

But we can be sure that  Motorola ZN5 Armani phone will be a limited edition handset with the significant mark-up.

Well, my only wish is that this mark-up will be enough for them to finally add 3G connectivity to the darn thing.


Update: Eldar Murtazin, editor of the biggest russian mobile site says in his LiveJournal blog that it’s a fake.

The phone was made by replacing ZN5’s screen glass with the glass from Samsung Armani 2 phone by the “reporters” on (  And that’s the reason for the blurry shot when in charge mode and truncated shots in other cases.

Update 2: Yep. Definetely a fake. After Eldar’s expose’ and some angry calls to the authors of the fake article by company reps in Russia, the original article was removed from the Russian site.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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